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Michael Douglas and Oral Cancer

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We realize the subject matter of this article is of adult content; HOWEVER we feel this is a very important article to share with our patients. This is a perfect example of why the Oral Cancer Screening has become a crucial part of Dr. Holleron’s routine exam. Dr. Holleron has always provided a basic oral [...]

Oral Cancer Screening… Yes We do!!

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April is Oral Cancer Awareness month and Consumer Reports recently published a controversial article that said that oral cancer screening is a medical test that is unnecessary and over-recommended for anyone but high risk patients. This article from the March 2013 issue was quickly reviewed and the ADA and Oral Cancer Foundation quickly responded with [...]

Dental Plaque & Cancer Death… Really?

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A new study has been published linking dental plaque and cancer deaths. Check it out and then see Dr. Holleron's take on it. Dental Plaque Linked to Early Cancer Deaths, Study Claims Dr. Holleron says... I have downloaded the full text article and have read it, and the statistics are valid. For example, the article [...]