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Are You Making Mistakes with Your Child’s Teeth?

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Got kiddos? Take a minute to read this article and find out if you are making mistakes with their dental care... 7 mistakes parents make with their kids’ teeth By Julie Revelant | Published February 08, 2015 | You know regular brushing, a healthy diet and dental visits are some of the best ways [...]

Little Ones May be Grinding Too

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Adults are often diagnosed with bruxism, or grinding their teeth at night. Following is an article that Dr. Holleron found recently related to bruxism in children. His comments on the article can follow. Community Based Study of Sleep Bruxism During Early Childhood The actual numbers of kids that grind their teeth while sleeping has been [...]

Surgeon General Say YES to Fluoride

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The ADA recently published the following statement from the US Surgeon General regarding the much debated topic of fluoride in public water supplies. Here's what she had to say: April 22, 2013 Surgeon general endorses fluoridation Huntsville, Ala.—U.S. Surgeon General Regina Benjamin, M.D., April 22 officially endorsed community water fluoridation as "one of the most [...]

What are Sealants for and Who Needs to Get Them?

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We get asked a lot of questions about dental sealants. Here is a great article that Dr. Holleron found that has an excellent video explaining more about sealants for both adults and children. Click on the link below to read more and watch video: Sealants

It’s Children’s Dental Health Month!

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February is Children’s Dental Health Month and a great time to focus on the dental health of the kiddos in your life. Tooth Acres is a Family Dentist office that treats adults as well as children of any age. By age 3, children should have begun regular teeth cleanings and checkups with a dentist. Children [...]