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Kids Looking Forward to Brushing?

2017-04-01T21:47:26+00:00June 25th, 2015|Categories: Dental Health|Tags: , , , , |

Most kids love to have the latest electronic gadget AND most kids hate to brush their teeth. So...why not combine the two and get them an electronic toothbrush that they will look forward to using? We've got a kid friendly Summer Special going on right now for the fantastic Oral-B® PRO-HEALTH FOR ME® electric toothbrush.  For a limited [...]

Toothpaste Mouthwash Combo is the Perfect 1…2…PUNCH!

2017-04-01T21:50:30+00:00February 26th, 2015|Categories: Dental Health|Tags: , |

Many people use toothpaste to take care of keeping teeth clean.  A much smaller number of people use mouth rinse along with it.  Studies show that using both toothpaste and mouthwash can be the ultimate combination to achieve the best oral hygiene. Do you wear a permanent lower retainer?  Permanent lower retainers bonded to teeth [...]

Are You Making Mistakes with Your Child’s Teeth?

2017-04-01T21:59:31+00:00February 10th, 2015|Categories: Dental Health|Tags: , , , |

Got kiddos? Take a minute to read this article and find out if you are making mistakes with their dental care... 7 mistakes parents make with their kids’ teeth By Julie Revelant | Published February 08, 2015 | You know regular brushing, a healthy diet and dental visits are some of the best ways [...]

How Often Should YOU See the Dentist?

2017-04-01T22:03:27+00:00January 10th, 2015|Categories: Dental Health|Tags: , , , |

Here's an article that Dr. Holleron wanted to share. Do You Need to See a Dentist Twice a Year? Dental professionals recommend a teeth cleaning every six months. Some people can get by with less frequent visits to the dentist, others should consider going even more often. Dec. 29, 2014 12:58 p.m. ET | Angela [...]

What Insurance Do You Take?

2017-04-01T22:13:01+00:00January 28th, 2014|Categories: Dental Insurance|Tags: , , |

With all of the madness in the health/dental insurance industry these days we are often asked for advice, thoughts, tips etc. on selecting dental insurance. In a nutshell, our office is "in network" with many providers as long as the dental insurance plan is a PPO plan. Many of these same insurance companies have HMO [...]

Are You Ruining Your Teeth??

2017-04-01T22:17:43+00:00January 15th, 2014|Categories: Dental Health|Tags: , , , , |

Great information from an article Dr. Holleron wanted to share... 7 Ways You're Ruining Your Teeth Karen Springen | You only get one set of choppers, and repair costs more than prevention. So be kind to your teeth. Here are some mistakes you may not know you're making. Brushing too hard - You only [...]

Little Ones May be Grinding Too

2017-04-01T22:22:57+00:00December 4th, 2013|Categories: Dentistry|Tags: , , , , , |

Adults are often diagnosed with bruxism, or grinding their teeth at night. Following is an article that Dr. Holleron found recently related to bruxism in children. His comments on the article can follow. Community Based Study of Sleep Bruxism During Early Childhood The actual numbers of kids that grind their teeth while sleeping has been [...]

Donate a Toy… Get FREE Dentistry!

2017-04-01T22:26:41+00:00November 1st, 2013|Categories: Dentistry|Tags: , , |

We are partnering with the San Antonio Police Department this Christmas to collect toys for the Blue Santa program and need your help. The Blue Santa program started in 1976 in San Antonio when officers from the Community Relations Unit adopted some needy families in our community at Christmastime. The officers gave these families presents [...]